Saturday, April 30, 2011

i Not Worthy

For over twenty years, I've been at the back of the mac line. Shawn, numero uno tech freak, always got the latest and greatest, newest and coolest, brightest and shiniest mac thingy to come along, while I got the used goods. The slow stuff. The cranky software. The banged up hardware. I've been babying my hand-me-down, dropped a millions times, including in water once or twice, old phone for months, developing iphoneitis from pushing so hard, hoping to make it last a little bit longer. It's not all macDaddy's fault, either. I've always been, no, no, no. I don't need it. It's not worth the money. Just wait. Until today. Saturday surprise. A new iphone is out. White. Ohh. Shawn discovered some contract fine print. Some way below retail special price.  So responsive! So cute! So fast! On sale! Just think of all of the thumb physical therapy treatment money I'll save.

I ripped open the box and immediately dropped the phone. So not worthy.

(Sunday afternoon update - sold crappy old phone for $110 to some guy on Craigslist - worthy, worthy, worthy)

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