Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Earth Day (tardy)

Better late than never. 

Some positive steps I'm taking.

My compost is beginning to resemble actual dirt.

I'm going to start recycling at the office 
- collecting the never ending supply of plastic and Styrofoam bottles, cups and containers and hauling them home for my weekly pick-up.

I am reading a great book, Plastiki, about a guy that built a catamaran out of plastic bottles and sailed from San Francisco to Sydney, trying to increase our awareness. Pretty inspiring.

Went to a home "party" for Melaleuca products. Lots of amazing things, clean, green and good for the environment and our health (but then I discovered that they take a ton of their profit and contribute it all to Republicans, who generally poo poo global warming and clean food, air and water regulation). So, I started to look for products on my own made by a company that puts it's money where it's mouth is. Unfortunately, that list is short.

Signed up for emails from to learn something new I can do everyday.

I spent $82 filling up on gas the other day - good reminder to slow down and drive less.

to the grocery store, to Costco, to Target (nobody gives you weird looks anymore)

If you live in Scottsdale and have a garage full of dead cellphones, squeaky printers, old TVs, lost remotes and other electronic stuff gathering dust, drop it off on May 7th here. Just drive up and some cute guy will empty out your trunk. It's a beautiful thing.

I cleaned out my mailbox by going here DMA Choice to get rid of some catalogs.

Small steps with my big, big feet.

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