Thursday, April 7, 2011

10,000 Maniacs

When Shawn saw a couple of bees inside the house, he ventured outside to find a massive hive buzzing away. Big, black three foot by one foot oval vibrating orb. We called the experts and this guy's twin showed up at my door.
 Mr. Wikipedia of bees. He said the hive had been there for about four hours. The bees set up shop, got in the house through the light fixture and they were already building their honeycomb. Those suckers work fast. I asked him how many he thought there were and he said 10,000. He went on and on and on, totally engrossed in his passion, willing to stand there all day and educate me. Bees are wonderful creatures, you know. Suddenly I'm in the middle of a Christopher Guest mocumentary.
I kept waiting for him to break out of character and start laughing. There's a movie in here somewhere. He was just so excited in his little bee outfit and red bandana, protecting the neighborhood, rounding up the beasts, sprinkling lavender powder everywhere. 

I sort of felt bad that he had to kill them all.

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