Friday, April 29, 2011

I Do!

The Pomp! The Circumstance! The pithy Chaucer poem! 
I got all teary-eyed watching Will and Kate all by myself Friday morning, but then grabbed The Amazing Duchesses of Scottsdale to hit The British Open Pub for some bangers and mash, some fish and chips, some beer, of course, and round two of the nuptials - dishing the whole time about every little thing, the hats, the trivia, the richer or poorer (not!), the David Beckham, the dress, the crowds, my brand new very own personal harpist and the Queen Wave.


Here I am with my own military Prince (those are hand-made royal streamers on the carriage).


  1. The Prince is really homely.

  2. My kids want to wake up at 3 am and watch till 5. I told them we'd have to find a rebroadcast after they get home from school! Can't they schedule this Arizona time??? :)