Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Mission

With cathedrals like these, who needs a church? Sunday sermon started at The Alhambra in Spain
with an email from Amy, sitting on a terrace at sunset with Shana - "I love, love, love your firstborn! Please have one more," she said. My feelings of being left behind faded as I saw Amy from her I-can-say-anything-and-you're-stuck-with-me-clear-view-perch, how much she means to Shana and how today I can't get in the way. Moved to The Mission,
with it's adobe, been here forever (for AZ) walls, for some sustenance and social security, surrounded by parents with their precise, but never preachy, presence. Getting to Gammage, stunning 
monument growing up out of the desert, built just Wright as a place to worship Maya Angelou, so full of life and wisdom, who told us how the people in our lives, the "rainbows in your clouds," make it possible for us to teach others, as I sat next to a mother who has given me poetry since I could read. Enchanted evening ending at a Cave Creek labyrinth
 on a cold desert night, full of community, the smell of rain on Palo Verde trees and a beautiful gong, vibrating the day down deep.

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