Friday, March 25, 2011

May Day, May Day

Shana's chucking an opportunity to hang out in Europe for an extra couple of months. Live it up. Explore. Putz around on her last summer before graduation. Said something about being happy to have been able to see so much already this trip, instead, heading home in May. It might have something to do with these people. 
Or, more likely, this character.
I'm trying to be excited. Trying not think about how she may regret this later.  I told her that we'll have so much fun in Phoenix!!!
Summer in AZ is a BLAST!! We can get a three month pass to Big Surf and go ALL THE TIME! And get a kiddie ten pack of Harkins movie tickets! Go bowling! Go to the zoo really, really early in the morning! Slip-N-Slide in the front yard! Go to, oh yeah, SAN DIEGO!!! Yay!

Florence, Athens and Copenhagen will still be there later, right?

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