Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Book Club - Traveling With Pomegranates

Oh, we all look so much better by firelight. Bonfire at Leslie's Banjo Flats, complete with newly dug by Chris the Cowboy fire pit, ax still smoking. The journey continues always straight to rated-Rville with the look at the boobs, the warty wiener on the fire, the "my don't you have a large uterus," the too close hug rub, the new Russell - you can fire me - Shaw job, the new Denver miner, the rat shoes for the auction, the sitting, and smelling, pretty in the swim practice coat, the are these Cabi pants flammable, check with the dealer, gateway drug - Stella and Dot, the lamention prevention pre-Easter birthday brunch, the stunning weightlifting snatch stance, the you can't eat just one Lay's Potato Chips, the s'mores, the flaming Y in the fire, the stinky, smoky, well worth the trip ride home.

Traveling with the Divas, Traveling with Pomegranates. Journey across the world to discover themselves.

FYI - another great read...

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