Thursday, March 17, 2011

Dog Days

I'm not really a dog lover and thirteen (fourteen?) years after bringing home a lost and found tiny white ball of fluff,  I still can't believe that I actually own one. Nameless after a couple of weeks, I just put "SULLIVAN" on a dog tag, put it around his neck and he's been Sully ever since. He follows me around, begs for food, whines, snores, poops, jumps all over anybody that comes to the door, can't take a walk without acting like a crackhead, dragging his nose all along the path and is an overall anxious wreck. We've gotten used to each other, but I could swear that sometimes he looks at me the same way I look at him, sort of smiling and nodding his way through the relationship, knowing my heart's not in it, really deep down I'm a cat person
and I'm not faking it very well. But then we go for a walk or I break out the food and he seems to love me all over again.

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