Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Oh, Father

The Pope's goin' down. Sexual abuse is the most sickening crime, committed against children by people that are supposed to protect you, supposed to love you. In my former life as a social worker, I worked with hundreds of families that were affected by it. I learned fast how bizarre the culture is, how people seemed to accept it as a way of life, a somehow normal family secret, minimize the pain, it's just drunk Uncle Pat, or depressed  Daddy or holier than thou Priest that doesn't know any better while mommy turns the other cheek. Unbelievable. I've met many friends over the years that are also victims of this strange way of thinking. All Catholic. Nobody's ever punished. I went to Rome last year and looked up at the Pope's window at the Vatican. He is worshipped by so many. Too bad he's just like all of those other sweep it under the rug, deny, deny, deny kind of men. Sorry kids, you deserve better.
Warned About Abuse, Vatican Failed to Defrock Priest

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  1. I agree, Lisa, I think this was known at the highest levels of the church and, more importantly, known by church leaders, now at the head of it, on their way up.