Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Golf? Send $$$$$$$

I know nothing about golf. Nothing. Mark Twain said "Golf is a good walk, ruined" and that seems just about right to me. But for a good cause, I just signed up to participate in the Workshop for Youth and Family Golf Tournament (well, I may just ride around in a cool cart, I know I'm good at that). It's Friday, April 9 and it's always a good time hanging out with Workshop people. There's Dr. Franny up there at last year's event. She is absolutely one of the brightest people that I have ever met. She has dedicated her life to this program and made an incredible positive impact on thousdands of kids and families over the years. So, get out your checkbooks. Send in some cash. Volunteer. Sign up for a tour. Send your kids in for a half-day or week long workshop this summer. It will change your life. You'll lose weight, you'll win the lottery, your face will light up, your atttude will improve and your kids will never, ever talk back to you again. I promise. Well, maybe just the last one, but isn't that enough?

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