Friday, March 26, 2010

Love - Andre

I used to love watching Andre play. The hair, the clothes, the bandana, the earrings and, oh yeah, the backhand wasn't bad, either. He retired a few years back, gave an emotional speech (I cried) and we all went on with our lives. Then his book came out and I just couldn't help it. Yes, there are some sappy parts. Yes, he whines just a bit. But there are also some great moments, some truly exciting replays of the greatest matches, some incredible behind-the-scenes descriptions of taping up feet, training, the pain, the competition, the growing up with a horrible dad, a tyrant of a coach, the going commando during games, the finally shaving the head ceremony. There's even a bunch of People Magazine stuff including ex-girlfriend Barbra Streisand, ex-wife Brooke Sheilds, current wife Steffi Graf and what he really thinks about Pete, Jimmy, Bjorn, McEnroe and Nadal. It's not as chock full of info like my all-time favorite autobiography, Personal History by Katharine Graham, but I have a new appreciation for Andre, all of the stats, how much he really did accomplish. Good game.

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