Monday, March 8, 2010

Tia and Marco!

Tia and Marco, Annie Howell's film, was released on the internet today. Check it out below.
(and check out the credits to see yours truly!)

The project that funded it was covered in The Times today.

The year is 2025. Tia Moran, six months pregnant, has just finished the last day of her mandatory year of service as a patrol officer on the U.S.- Mexico border. It’s her last night in Arizona, and she is packing for her move. Her government apartment is equipped with high-tech surveillance. In the kitchen as she waits for the bath to fill down the hall, she hears a crash, and her security system issues an “intruder alert.”

Investigating, she throws open the bathroom door and points her service revolver.  Inside she discovers a 14-year-old “illegal” named Marco pleading for help. She handcuffs him and calls her fellow agents to come pick him up.

Tia is clearly relieved that her year of duty is over, but it has clearly come at a price. She has become less compassionate, and is skeptical of rumors that illegal border crossers who are caught are secretly tortured.

While Tia waits for Marco to be escorted away, she tries to resume her routine, but the two can’t help but communicate. Giving in to Marco’s pleas, Tia deigns to give him a bit of food and water.

But soon, when Tia falls asleep, Marco escapes. As soon as she awakes, she races to look for him. Realizing that Marco has been captured by an especially brutal border agent, Tia must make a decision that might compromise her values and her future.

At once a cautionary tale and a story of hope, Tia and Marco investigates the complexities of immigration through one personal interaction.

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