Sunday, March 21, 2010


Wow, those lawyers can talk! Health Care Reform finally passed. No more pre-existing conditions. No more excessive rate hikes. No more doughnut holes. More preventative care. Sounds good to me. 
Nancy, you go, girl!
From everything I read, after the heartbreaking loss in Massachusetts, everybody was ready to give up. Scrap it. Start over later. Someday. Maybe next year. But not Nancy. She's a fighter. She marched right in to the Oval Office and said, "No way. We're doing this." Who knows what went on behind closed doors, but she did it. They all did it. Thanks.

Here's a calm explanation of how the Republicans did, shows how this health care reform legislation looks a lot like Mitt Romney's health care plan and the conservative Heritage Foundation's health care plan and the Republican's plan put forward after Clinton's fell through. Amazing. Could have saved us a lot time if they all just played a little nicer together in the sandbox.

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  1. Amazing day, Lisa! Weird to read Frum's opinion which is coming from the point of view that this is a disaster but nice to see that a Republican is acknowledging that they refused to compromise at all to their detriment.