Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Luck 'O The Book Club

I'm a lucky girl and it's not just because I'm part Irish, it's because of the lucky book club that lets me sit with them on their little four-leaf clovered couches every month.
It's the lucky book club that makes Irish stew and spinach soup and green lemon bars to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. It's the lucky book club full of charms like the new Mimi-to-be, the new mother-of-the-bride, the gloved snack bar mom, the down and dirty single girl, the let's rendezvous in Amsterdam right after the skit-filled four day gay love fest in a Belgium castle girls, the I just single-handedly incorporated a town girl, the I just quit my job and went to Vegas, baby, the I have a new career and look fabulous in head-to-toe C-bi, the old friend in town from Colorado,
the why isn't she officially a part of the book club yet? girl www.lespetitesgourmettes, the Happy Birthday yesterday girl,

 the off to Florida (round trip) for three glorious days after a 4:30am workout girl, the figuring out it's never too late to be happy and just put your foot down girl, the I have on lesbian shoes with black trouser socks and I still look hot girl
 and the I must get home right away and blog about how polishing an ego can lead to a happy marriage, or not, depending on the polisher. Surrounded by green, my pot of gold. See, lucky me. Lucky, lucky me.


  1. How do you incorporate a town girl?

  2. My friend, Cecily, is running several businesses in the Grand Canyon and worked very hard to incorporate Tusayan!

  3. You are too sweet! I can't be in a book club that actually reads books and discusses them... cause I hardly ever finish a whole book. Sad, I know, but still a fact, last book I read straight through was the final Harry Potter - even sadder, I know! Thanks for including me in the list of "girls"! You are right, we all are really lucky. xoxo