Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Book - Committed

I thought that after twenty five years of marriage, I had it all figured out, but I picked up this new book anyway. Committed by the Eat, Pray, Love author, Elizabeth Gilbert. She spent a year traveling around the world eating, praying, finding love and writing a great best selling book. She vowed never to get married again after a brutal divorce, but then found herself "sentenced to wed" her Brazilian boyfriend by the Department of Homeland Security and wanted to write a new book about that. Committed is a combination memoir/nonfiction research project on marriage (I'm going to force Shana to read it). She digs deep into the history of marriage and culture and community as well as her own apprehensions. It's a good read. I learned a lot. She learned a lot. She's in it for the long haul. But, knowing what I know and now knowing all of her and her now husband's dirty little secrets and pet peeves and annoying traits (she can't relax, he's rude to waiters, etc.), I kept thinking - it'll never last.


  1. Rude to waiters??? That's a deal killer right there! Never would have made it past the first date!

  2. Exactly! No hope whatsoever!