Saturday, February 13, 2016

Will Run For Froyo

Our feet were burning at the end, thank God for the salted caramel froyo to help with that! 10K! Plus at least 2 more Ks traveling to and from the parking garage (wish I thought to turn on my runtastic app at the car so I'd get total credit). It was exciting to be surrounded by hundreds of running/walking enthusiasts, blasting music, cheering spectators. We were awarded beautiful heavy silver 10 K spoons, Go froyo! Go us! 

 My mini scoop, Shana, got us another trip to the Froyo Run, but this time, we're doing the 10K. No more wimpy 5K huffing and puffing for us like last year, we're going the distance. I've been "training" with my dog and my runtastic app on the greenbelt, walking up back, up and back, even noticed that my butt seems a bit higher. I'm hoping for a blister and embarrassment-free trek on Saturday in Tempe. 

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