Saturday, February 13, 2016

Two Sheets To The Win

I can't win. I really need a new sofa, but that's not in the 2016 budget, so I'm acting like an old lady, looking like a total cheapskate. The term "double-wide" comes to mind when I check out my new chic sheet sofa decor. I had to cover the scratched up seat cushions somehow since I refuse to reupholster. My sofa is old, well worn and has lived through years of cat claws, dog nails, rough jeans, slumber parties, and solo-tossing-and-turning-spouse-is-snoring nights. It's been dusted and moisturized, but the cracks are showing. I got an estimate for a total facelift as well as just a bit of Botox, but both solutions seem higher than even buying a whole new one. I love this couch. It's wide, cushy, supportive and it fits perfectly, the only symmetrical thing in a strangely shaped room. So, for now, call me trashy if you must, but the sheets are staying.

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