Saturday, February 27, 2016

Scottsdale “Waterfront” - Canal Convergence

It may be called a waterfront now, but I knew it way back when. It used to be an old, dusty thing, sometimes dry, sometimes full of Safeway shopping carts, something we walked along, caught crawdads in, next to decomposing dog poop, knowing that somehow that’s where the irrigation water came from, flooding our yards with nastyish water. My, how things have changed.

A Friday Sparkling Spanish Spence dinner double date with the always stunning and debonair Laurel and Russ. We four have been fortunate enough to have had many waterfront din dins all over the world, but on a beautiful night on a brick patio with fountains, twinkling trees, a Spanish waiter, paella and a glistening canal full of art installations, surrounded by brand new row condos, we could have been sitting in any number of fancy cities - take that Europe.
We followed dinner with a birthday party - 30 years since Scottsdale started paying attention to public art - and celebrated with lots of great stories about birthdays, birthmarks and birthrights.

The party continued Saturday with a girls night,
more sparkle, incredible dancing, bar hopping,
even ran into these cool kids, out for a little birthday celebration of their own.

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