Friday, September 2, 2011

Three and a Half Day Weekend!!!

How about a half day at work - lipstick call at the Z with The Four Musketeers, some Chambord margs and catfish, some Laverne and Shirley to "Pray away the Gay" Bachmann, some eavesdropping on the grey-haired, big-bellied loud mouth - how about the tall, blonde Diva next to me? Would that challenge your sicko 27-and-under-only rule, Bucko? From the left and right wingnuts to proper, non-offensive, book club etiquette to the baddest of the bad girls in high school ending up on Facebook covered in little gold crosses, we covered it all. Took the party to the Phoenix Art Museum, open for free on a finally not so bad outside First Friday. The place was jamming with activity, hip people, music, a great Modern Mexican art exhibit, including this by Diego Rivera
of his take on Toledo, Spain in 1913. I found something to lean on and took a while to absorb that one. Here I am with Shana in February, almost a hundred years later in beautiful Toledo. 
Made it home in time to find cool neighbors sitting on porch enjoying the first under a hundred night in a long time, so after they waved a big glass of wine at me, I joined them as we watched the slumber-partying kids run around, caught up on the latest cul-de-sac gossip and tried to solve all the problems of the world, included being married to carnivores while planning the next vegetarian potluck at my place. Day Two started with ratatouille with recipe from latest read Lunch in Paris. Birthday lunch with Shawn's BFF and new bride at the yummy Persian Room, advice from the old married pros included.  Next up - playing with the little ya ya, home from T-town with Mr. Z.

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