Thursday, September 29, 2011

Bill and The Big Sort

Amy saw Bill Clinton speak the other day and he recommended the book The Big Sort. It's all about how our country has become so divided, how we cluster around other like-minded people, making it more and more difficult to listen to other points of view. I'd read it, but it would probably just upset me. A couple of weeks ago, I watched Bill, along with Bush and Biden at a 9/11 memorial dedication in Pennsylvania. Bush spoke first (I muted it so I wouldn't throw up as I watched the crying crowd and thought about the memo that said Bin Laden was going to attack inside the US, and the intelligence that was missed while he vacationed and the fake Iraq war and the year 2000 surplus and how the Pennsylvania memorial still wasn't finished because they were short a few thousand dollars). Then Clinton spoke. He got up there and praised Bush, talked about how they were just a couple of guys from the South and how the Texas-Arkansas connection may mean more than the other things in common they share. Maybe he has a point.

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