Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Boys Are Back In Town

It seems to have been a little quieter lately as the D.C. folks took their wonderful five weeks off from their  jobs, jobs that we pay for, jobs that give them security, health care and lots of paid vacay, jobs that they seem to think are meant to take all the loot from the middle class and hand it over to the millionaires, the war contractors (ten years after 9/11), the massive corporations, since those brilliant ideas will lead to more jobs. Except that's not happening. The U.S. economy just fell to fifth place in the world. We were number one in 2007.  Here's a little graph about the state of our debt giving a little reason for the fall.
It's about to get louder. There's a GOP debate tonight. I missed the last one since the Faux News channel at my house has a parental control block on it (something about my blood pressure), but I may tune in.
And, so things don't stay quiet, we've got Obama on tomorrow, back to jobs, Boehner sitting behind, smirking, while his crowd yells and throws things until all hell breaks loose.

Get the ear plugs back out.

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