Sunday, March 22, 2015

Run(or walk)tastic

I don't run. I have bad feet. Big boobs. And, as of a couple of years ago, Mild Bilateral Hip Osteoarthritis. Maybe if I ran, I wouldn't have some of these issues. Way back, I was on the Village Vikings swim team, played tennis with the Arcadia Titans for an entire semester, had some serious years of aerobics in the living room with Jane Fonda and Richard Simmons and was in the gym,s shaking to Kenny Loggins' Danger Zone. I even was asked to be an instructor once back in Virginia Beach, with my super cool headbands and leg warmers. But, for the last couple of decades, it's been slow going. In honor of the fast-approaching BIG 50, I'm going to add a marathon to the list. Or at least a 5K run/walk. Training started this week on my new runtastic ap. Almost got to 5K this morning. The time is not important. It's the distance, right?

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