Monday, March 30, 2015

Chi Chi Palm Monday


Shawn and I are back to Tai Chi on Mondays at the incredible Franciscan Renewal Center, moving the chi, or life force, through our palms, in and out, flowing in sync, sort of, with the group. We walked in tonight and saw a very old painting with nuns dressed in black gliding up the side of a hill, reminding me of Madeleine. A few minutes later about eight real nuns came in, joining our class with their sweet, gentle, peaceful faces. Our wonderful teacher, Don, who, after decades here, is teaching
his last class in Arizona and I'm sure the faithful wanted one last chance. He winked at me and whispered, "I guess I'll have to watch what I say." We closed our eyes, we circled, we tai chi'd until there was a real sense of calm, then meandered up Tatum, gliding around our own hill on a cool night with the windows down, after learning to breathe again.

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