Sunday, March 8, 2015

It's The Thought That Counts

As Shana, Amy and I stood at the intersection of Wall and Broad Streets on the NYSE "new hire" tour that we crashed, surrounded by young and not-so-young new brokers and traders, our huggy, BFF tour leader turned to Shana and said, "This is Shana everyone. She's from our Phoenix office and she makes sure all the companies that are traded on the Exchange are in compliance." He then went on to tell us about the beginning of our country, the original traders, the government, the banks, the religious institutions - right there on those four corners of that intersection is where it all started.

Even though the temperature was somewhere in the teens, I was glad I was there. I wasn't quite sure why Shana invited me. Maybe she just didn't want to take the train all by herself from Wall Street up to her meeting in upstate New York, but who am I to pass up a girls' trip with my favorite girl? She's running the show these days, making the reservations, checking in to the hotel with her name while I'm just along for the ride. She's more hip than me now. Knows all the cool aps. Knows the NY neighborhoods better than me. Works for the New York Stock Exchange and is my official "Sponsor" to get me in the building. Even got me into Pepsi for a drink in the lobby.

Today's her 24th birthday. She's all grown up now and doesn't need anything from me anymore. Except maybe a travel buddy. Which is fine by me.

Happy Birthday, little one.

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