Thursday, March 28, 2013

Warm Blanket

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I tossed a warm blanket over Old Wildcat tonight and it took him right back to his childhood, smiling as he reminisced about a hanging-out-with-his-dad day at a hot springs spa, complete with naturally hot mineral waters, a massage and a warm blanket. Buckhorn Mineral Springs is long gone
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("A desert spa, offering the Southwest's largest and finest bath house. Famous for its mineralized natural hot water so beneficial in the treatment of arthritis and kindred ailments. Staff of Registered Physio Therapists, nurses and masseurs. Accommodations on the premises for 100 guests. Open year around. For descriptive folder write T.W. Sliger, Box 271, Mesa, Arizona"),

but at least we got the memory of it back. I don't think I ever would have imagined those two hopping in a car and trudging out to The Far East in search of an ancient natural remedy for their ailments, but it brought a smile to my face, as well. Old Wildcat chuckled again when I asked if my grandmother went too, probably also remembering her always-so-perfect-we-weren't-allowed-to-touch-it hair. While nobody ever drove me out to Mesa for a dip into those healing waters, I recalled some hanging-out-with-Dad days in long lost places like the Tropical Garden Zoo, Canterbury Carnival, an old theater that showed Charlie Chaplin movies on Saturdays and Chinese food on Sunday nights at Emperor's Garden. But what I wouldn't give right now to toss Old Wildcat in the car, turn left and head over to Buckhorn's so he could enjoy a soak in the mineral springs, a massage and a warm blanket. Sounds like just what the doctor should order.

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