Monday, March 11, 2013

Andre Rieu

 photo rieu-andre-wenen-concert-110207-032_zps954c88f0.jpg
I have a feeling if my in-laws didn't go to bed so early, I would have missed it - waltzes, an orchestra and even SNOW! Shawn opted for an early bedtime, leaving poor Shana to accompany me to the Andre Rieu concert. I read that Paul Anka would be opening and I couldn't let her spend the rest of her life thinking Paul Anka was just the name of Lorelei Gilmore's dog.
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A master at the violin!
 photo snow_zps929e8c46.jpg
Ohhhh - "real" snow!

 photo ww_zps3e2514bd.jpg
Took too long doing the Gilmore girl thing at Rice Paper, missing Paul Anka, but had fun in the snowy Phoenix night with the tenors, the divas, the taffeta dresses and the incredible talent.
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