Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Dog Whisperer

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It's the people, people, not the dog.
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I'm trying to be the Leader of the Pack. I must have given off a Wimp of the Pack impression the other night because after a party with some friends, they came back next day with The Dog Whisperer book. I read it by the pool as Nicky ran around, chewed on sticks and was adorable. It reminded me of a horse challenge I did at Miraval. It's not about the horse. Be strong. Channel your inner Cleopatra. Your inner John Wayne. Dogs need three things, says Cesar Millan, dog whisperer to the stars:  exercise, discipline and affection.  The problem is, we tend to just give them affection, affection, affection, awwwww, but they're ssoooo cute!

Time for a walk, little Nicky.

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