Thursday, December 8, 2011


I fought it as long as I could. I love real books. I love the library. I love the whole free--dom of it. I can walk down the greenbelt to my library, or from home there's a great online catalog and they email me when something's ready for pick-up - at the drive-thru! There's even a coffee cart for lattes in there. Plus, have you ever spoken to a librarian? Ssoooo nice. I've sort of looked down on ereaders for the past few years, not able to give up my old ways. I just noticed that the photo I swiped from cyberspace has the Lovely Bones on it - a book that I couldn't get through. It came out when Shana was in Singapore with Amy and I thought one's baby should be home and safe if you're going to read something about a girl getting chopped up. I just looked at that unopened book on my nightstand like some kind of good luck charm and waited for her to get home. You can't get that from a machine. Later, on a whirlwind trip to Amsterdam, pal Louise showed up at the airport with a brand new Kindle selecting from lots of stuff with the swipe of a finger while I lugged hardcovers and Fodor's in my carry-on, giving me my own kind of comfort, just heavier. The other day, in need of next week's book club selection, the library only had the electronic version, so I bit the bullet and pushed the iPad button. Still free. Still due back in two weeks. But way cooler.
Now my other books are lonely.

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  1. I can't seem to get through a book on my iPad, but I do like that I have a Kindle app for it, for my PC and for my BlackBerry! For an e-reader I just bought a Nook (the cheap one) because I really like the look and feel of it. Seven ounces! The ultimate irony? My own book isn't on the Nook since I couldn't figure out how to format it for e-Pub. Crazy.