Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Gals in da 'hood

Leave it to Carla to get the old gang back together again. And I mean really old (but at least we all still look exactly the same!). I haven't seen some of these ladies since Shana's eighth grade graduation and tonight it was like no time had passed.
 We had some more recent, well, this decade, at least, Workshop moms, too,
and kept finding more and more connections as the Gals In Da 'Hood-themed cranberry cocktails and crapshoot soup in Carla's perfect Christmas home swirled around talk of my, how the kids have grown, upcoming graduations, little brothers now with goatees, baseball, ex-husbands, the new 2 1/2 dates man, and one more old time Phoenix gal, Rusty Warren, who would have fit right in with this crowd and reminded us not to go so long until we see each other again.

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