Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Book Club Bonfire

You can't keep the good girls down. Not even the craziness of the holidays could stop the book club from the BYOB at the bonfire at Save The Day Leslie's backyard mountain preserve. Flames were flying, lasagna was bubbling and gifts for the ruleless white elephant ornament gift exchange
were calling as Little Baby Jesus came from above. Perhaps in celebration of his Jewishness, Jaye showed up in a menorah reindeer headband with some herring salad.
Bag Ladies - Lucky Number 7 and the new rubber chicken for interviews
I traded the most stunning, spectacularly shiny Winter Solstice crystal I've ever seen for this,
while others walked away with a sexy leg lamp, a box of Joe Joes, a mini mini pink CAbi dress, a gold stiletto, a snowflake mug and more, more, more.

In our yearly tradition, we passed the savior, thanking the circle, stealing, plagiarizing, ditto, ditto, dittoing for the soft place to land during a hard year, the health, the happiness, the trees and the I love us-es.

We never got around to the book. Poor Wes Moore and the other Wes Moore, we may never read about you two.
But I'm absolutley sure a bunch of hot desert Divas snuggling around some flames beats a couple of guys from Baltimore any day.
Boots, beer and a bonfire...

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