Sunday, February 22, 2015


I was a no-show for the Oscars this year. Seems I wasn't alone. Ratings were way down, even with one of my faves NPH in his tighty whiteys. I loved Birdman, every bit - the stripped bare emotions, the out of the box story, the fast, continuous way it was filmed, Michael Keaton. I thought he should have won Best Actor until I saw Theory of Everything, then changed my mind. That Eddie guy, wow. I can't seem to go see Still Alice to judge the Best Actress category, the book was too amazing to ruin, especially after the Wild and Gone Girl films forever took out of my brain two incredibly written books. On our nightly walk, Nicky and I saw an Oscar party three doors down, complete with a couple of Mercedes out front, red carpet on the sidewalk and lots of stars in golden chalk on the driveway. Seems like fun, but the speeches, the commercials, the hashtagging, the fake kisses. I should start my own awards show. We could all get dressed up one, two, three times a year and congratulate each other for doing our jobs - #mondaystuckatwork #needmorebotox #pickmepickme

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