Friday, February 20, 2015

Diet Pepsi, lots of ice

I used to be an addict. No way could I get through a day without two, three, maybe more Diet Pepsis. I went cold turkey when I was pregnant and, besides the actual delivery, it was the worst part of the whole nine months. I gave it up again last year, sort of, weaning myself down to about one a week. The stuff'll kill us. Aspartame. Or gobs of sugar in the regular version. Throw in the wasted water and bottling and shipping and damage to the environment sodas cause and we've got a nasty problem. But, I'm polite. I'm not going to mention any of this later this month in New York, when I tag along with Shana to meet Pepsi, her big new client. I'm going to grab Amy, walk right in to the Mothership and order one. Maybe after that I can quit for good.

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