Sunday, January 25, 2015

Bird Watching

Shawn just about jumped out of his seat as we turned the corner and spotted these two bad boys on the tarmac. We spent the next hour or so doing some major bird watching, walking up as close as we could, talking to the cool Air Force people, watching them pack it up and get ready to head back to their base in New Mexico. They had snow over there, so they spent a few days in sunny Arizona doing some training exercises, first at Luke Air force base, then at Glendale airport after Luke kicked them out for the weekend. Officers in flight suits, flight crews inspecting the plane, the space age propellers, the local girls some met from last night here to wave good-bye. Shawn's pilot friend, Franz, showed up on a motorcycle and let us inside for and up close and personal view as they taxied down the runway and took off into the beautiful Arizona sky like in some science fiction movie.

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