Thursday, May 2, 2013

Wait're bald?

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Almost every Saturday morning for years, Peter Sagal and his crew have cracked me up. They're hilarious, pithy. A perfect way to start a weekend. But I never knew what he looked like. I guess I could have checked him out online some time in the past decade, but what's the point? We had the perfect relationship. He talked, I laughed. So, as I sat in a big theater with a bunch of like-minded NPRers, a sold out theater (I had to buy a ticket to the 8 o'clock Big Wedding movie - 8% rotten tomato score - and sneak in), I started to wonder, hmm, what does he look like? 
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The first thing he said when he appeared on screen was, well, now everyone knows he's bald. The whole place smiled. It was a great show. Paula was there (I knew what she looked like from when she sat down and had dinner with me at Miraval a while back). And Mo. And Tom "we'll leave the light on for you" Bodett.
Guest was Steve Martin, always perfect.

Here's Steve Martin's funny bit. Or you have another chance to see it on Tuesday.

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