Friday, May 10, 2013


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Pre-drivers licence, I was sitting at a bus stop in front of my high school, waiting for the westbound to Old Wildcat's place, when a creepy guy in a green car pulled up. He shouted out his rolled down window, "Hi, can I give you a lift?" I shook my head. "It would save you your bus fare," he said. I kept shaking my head until he scrunched up his face and drove off. I thought about that a lot last year while I was reading Room, a story about a creepy guy that kidnapped a young girl, impregnated her and held her and the child captive for years. It was a great book. Fiction. Life in the bubble is so nice. Then reality sneaks in. What if I rode the bus a lot? What if bus fare was hard to come by? What if I got in that car? Would I have ended up in a basement on the other side of the tracks like those girls in Cleveland? Would people have given up looking for me after a few months?

Over a thousand dead in Bangladesh so we can buy cheap clothes at Macy's

Across town in Mesa, crazy girl slashes boyfriend's throat, cable news watchers are riveted

Effective today, Earth's atmosphere is now officially screwed.

Stay at the bus stop. Keep shaking your head.

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