Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Agony and Ecstasy of Steve Jobs

It's a good thing Shawn accidentally left his skinny new iPhone 5 at home, because by the time we left the Herberger today, we were feeling pretty guilty about our obsession with all things Apple. Besides being a hilarious journey through the life and times of Steve Jobs, we were reminded just how brutal working conditions are in China at the Foxconn factory, pushing young, intelligent employees to the brink (literally, dozens have jumped off the top of the building) so we can have the newest and shiniest toy the minute it is released at a fairly low cost while Apple rakes in the profits.

Read more about the performance by Mike Daisy.

Caving to corporate greed, shipping jobs overseas, eliminating safety regulations and labor laws doesn't seem like the way a cool vegan hippie from California would have imagined selling his wares in the beginning, but that's what happened. Hopefully, with continued press, things will change. I read today about a first-ever, above the minimum wage, 25% pay increase for Foxconn workers. Next, maybe the rest of us will demand some changes and be able to go back to the blinders-on, larger than life (even in death) idol-worshipping of the good 'ol days.

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