Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Clinton - Carmona!

WOW!!! What a night. Thousands of like-minded souls gathered HERE in Tempe to cheer for Carmona and welcome back rock star Clinton to ASU. He spoke of the old 1996 rally, which helped make him the first Democrat in a long time to carry Arizona. He went on and on (check out video) in a clear, simple, example-filled way, describing why we need a man like Carmona serving in D.C. He talked about youth - what it's like to have more yesterdays than tomorrows and how important it is not to waste a minute. Even Kevin Johnson (my all-time fave Sun from back in the glory days, sorry, Charlie) flew in from Sacramento to get us all hyped up after the cool Jimmy Eat World performance. After a tough week in the polls, it was good to be out and about with those who think fair and balanced should refer to our government, not some fake news station. Pre-rally, I caught up with some day-drinkin' sistahs (and one fella) for a little wine and, after covering all the usual topics, we sunk into politics, a scary place to go with this birther crowd. I had to scoot out early for my date with Bill, and felt bad for leaving my one fellow blue-girl-in-a-red state amiga to take one for the team all by herself. But all was not lost - the table next to us paid for her drinks! A toast to liberal values, they said! Make fun of Arizona all you want, but tonight it was Home Sweet Home.

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