Saturday, May 26, 2012

Topia at DGB

I'm not the biggest ballet fan. I love a good holiday Nutcracker and every now and then something a bit more contemporary will hold my attention, but truthfully, I'm usually just wondering how in the world they stay so perfect - heads high, toes impossibly pointed, ballet buns so tight - without just letting loose for a minute. Tonight, Topia at Desert Botanical Gardens gave me the best of both worlds. An hour long pre-show on a gorgeous cool, breezy night overlooking Papago Buttes with sort of a backstage pass to watch the dancers, in various stages of dress, sweat pants, t-shirts, not a fairy tale princess skirt to be found, jumping around the stage, stretching, working the barre, joking around, relaxing. The fun side. Then, once the show started, along with the stunning performances, total perfection, on stage, we could still see the fun behind-the-scene activity. The waiting dancers, laughing, even slouching. Yes, I saw one slouch. There was no slouching on stage as they gracefully, happily, lovingly, violently moved through some amazing scenes, guys dancing with guys, girls with girls, leaping across into each other's arms. Just beautiful. The desert added so much to the night, mountains turning red then purple behind the stage, Palo Verde trees all lit up in a rainbow of lights. Wow.

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