Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Double Wave

Evolution rocks. The gay community, as well as all Americans, got a big, fat wave yesterday from President Obama. He said over time he's come to realize we should all have the right to get married, no matter what all the crazies with four ex-wives preaching about family values have to say.  I hope there's a kid out there today that will now make it through unscathed. Not be teased. Or bullied. Feel like they belong. Not need to pretend anymore. I had that. So many kids don't. They live in fear. Fear of their own parents. Fear of their friends. Fear of the unevolved. I know a little wave from The Prez won't change it all overnight, but it will help.

At high noon today, I got my own personal presidential wave. Shawn spotted some kind of plane with two dots next to it and thought it must be some old military craft. As it came closer, it was clearly Air Force One!.I remembered hearing earlier about a big presidential fundraiser tonight at George Clooney's house in LA, so hoping for a ride to that, I did a quick u-turn on Hayden and parked. We watched in awe as the blue and white plane with two F-16 escorts came in fast and low in an eerily cleared out empty Phoenix sky, heading toward downtown. It tipped one wing slowly to one side, leveled out, then tipped the other, giving us a little wave, too. 
Thanks for flying by. And thanks for all that other stuff, too.

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