Friday, October 28, 2011

God Save My Shoes

Ohh..the perfect movie! All about SHOES! The Phoenix Art Museum - God Save My Shoes, a documentary about our strange relationship with shoes was fascinating. Hilarious. Embarrassing. The closets were unbelievable! The was a baroness, a poker player, a ballet dancer, a starving artist, all obsessed. One couldn't remember spending less than $900 for a pair while another had a limit of $400 so she could still pay her rent. The most I've ever paid was $195 for some beautiful black sling backs for my 20th high school reunion. I figured that they would take at least 10 years off.  It's only been screened in Paris and New York, so we little ol' Phoenicians felt lucky. The crowd was fancy, fancy,
sporting some pretty wild shoes. I wore my most stylish Nordstrom's black patent peep toes (sssshhhhhhh...I got 'em at Last Chance for $14.99 )

There was a great reception with food and wine and feathers in the centerpieces and
 dance, dance, dance music as the hippest crowd I've seen in a long time partied away the night. 
A little leprechaun.
The great exhibit will be up for awhile, so get down there to check it out.

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