Saturday, October 15, 2011

Occupy Phoenix

Over a thousand people joined a couple of my friends and me in front of City Hall to join the October 15th Global Occupy Wall Street movement. It was an amazing group of people - nonpartisan, all ages, diverse, looked a lot more like the crowd you see in a line at Starbucks than the "hippie mobs" I've been hearing about. Everybody was very positive and peaceful and the event was well-organized. My Dad always says, "Life isn't fair," but these days that has never been more true. 

401K not what it used to be? Haven't had a raise in years? Know somebody that lost their house? Or can't find a job? Is your health insurance worthless? Retirement - huh? Got a senior in college that deserves a country better than this?

Suddenly we're all the little guy...Occupy Wall Street.

And Phoenix.

Great Nicholas Kristof piece - America's Primal Scream

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