Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Road Trip

Shana hit the road. With Zach. Zach, the guy that has practically been moved in to our guest room over the past month. The guy that tagged along to San Diego. And Pinetop. And to dinners and movies and X-boxing and swimming. The guy that met Shana last October. The guy that waved good-bye to her when she left for Spain and the guy that counted down the days of the semester and waited for her to get home. That guy. So now she's on his home turf, Sacramento, after heading north for a two day car ride. She's hanging out with the family for a week. The little brothers. All the friends. Seems so fast. So serious. So weird. Last week she was saying bizarre things about moving out of Arizona. And even asked how to choose a bridesmaid without upsetting anybody. Crazy talk, right? For a little girl?

What a trip.

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