Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Dust Might

Steven Speilberg, was that you? I felt like I was Ben Affleck, standing in my front yard as a massive mountain of dust enveloped the neighborhood, waiting for someone to call "Cut!" as the slow-moving beast blacked out the sky and filled the air with dirt. Minutes earlier, sitting on the grass on some beach towels with Shana and the in from NY Amy, who's always on the lookout for a great desert sunset, even in 100 degree weather, we noticed something to the west. It looked like a cloud. Then smoke. Then lava or an avalanche. The brains weren't functioning in the required sci-fi mode. Then, looking to the east, we saw the same thing. The miles wide blob coming at us from both directions. Crunching on dirt in our mouths, scratching our eyes, we went inside, turned off the lights, checked online to make sure we weren't crazy (we weren't) and watched in awe as Dust Storm 2011 rolled over the house.  

Woke up to this.
A brown car.
The dust pile.

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