Sunday, October 18, 2015

Georgia On My Mind

The little peach is back in Atlanta.
This time, though, I know it's not for good. When her company, NYSE, decided this spring to shut down their Phoenix office at the end of year and move out east, they desperately wanted Shana to go with them, so she went to check it out. They lavished her with praise. Told her she was the one person out of the entire department that they really wanted. Promised her the moon. I got worried. It was a long couple of weeks. She started out telling me that she would never leave home. She wasn't ready, had too much here that she couldn't leave behind. Agreed! I figure I need her here for at least a few more years. I'm not ready for her to be so far away. I like being able to stop by and snuggle on the sofa. Or have a "work from home" day with her. Or scoop her up and drag her to some downtown event with me. Shawn, the grandparents, BF Scott and all her friends feel the same way. But, along the way, she changed her mind and actually considered taking up Corporate America on its offer. She came to the conclusion that she could, in fact, pack up and leave, and, maybe, there was a tiny part of me that wanted to cheer her on, too. Slowly, though, she realized that this job, with this company, in this city, wasn't the right fit. She told me one Sunday morning she was going to decline the offer. If it was the perfect job in a city she loved, she could manage to tear herself away from home, but it wasn't.
So now she's just there for a little fun (and to help train the new team) before she heads home for good, where she belongs.

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