Sunday, September 6, 2015

Climate Change

Searching for a bit of cool weather, Germany had a different idea, giving us a couple of warm days traipsing from one biergarten to the next in Munich before the temps dropped to an unbelievably perfect rest of the trip. Speaking of Climate Change - these Germans are the real deal. Everywhere you look there are signs of actual acknowledgment and serious effort to reduce waste and make a real difference in our future. Solar panels on roofs, wind energy turbines in the fields, toilets with two buttons - one for #1 and one for #2, light sensors in hallways, a 50:50 ratio of recycling bins to trash bins. It's not political, just smart. And another thing about the climate - just a really nice bunch of people. Another tidbit Tami told us about was a lack of crime. I didn't look it up, but throughout our stay, amazing things kept happening. I'd drop a $20 euro and someone handed it to me. I walked into an adorable hotel late one afternoon and asked for a room for two nights. The nice lady handed me a key, an actual real key attached to a heavy silver holder, took one of my bags and showed me the way. I asked if she needed anything from me and she said, "OK, what's your name?" I told her and she said, "Well, welcome, Lisa." No credit card, no driver's license. Just welcome.

It's the sixty and seventy year old women running things over there. A beautiful, hard working bunch that do it with a calm, efficient, effortless looking style. We ran into just one women, though, during a busy lunch hour and when I asked, "Sprechen sei English?" she replied, "Yes, I need a moment alone," and we never saw her again. Good for her, I say.

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