Wednesday, December 10, 2014

1 4 U2

$300? Really? I just couldn't push the button, even if it was for my favorite band. I love their new album, going back to the beginning, sort of, but $300? $600 for two? At one time, I would of done it. Actually, one time I did do it, buying three tickets from a broker, bringing Shana along, thinking it was time for her to start worshiping at the U2 throne. But most of that concert I kept thinking I just dropped almost a grand on this night? Another time the boys were in town, driving home from work, I heard on the radio that they just released a couple hundred tickets at Sun Devil Stadium for $50, get on down to ASU right now! Shawn was working overnight at County Hospital and every one of my friends turned me down flat. I had no choice but to go alone, me, myself and I, plus all of my real friends, the thousands of peeps standing with me under the beautiful Tempe night sky, swaying as they sung One. I still remember it as one of my favorite U2 concerts. But I'm over it all now, thinking these days that lying around in bed like above on a weekend night isn't the worst thing anymore. But what if this is the last time they're here? Coming all this way to see me. I've always had a dream of popping into a Dublin bar one night and seeing them play, but that's not going to happen so, just in case, I pushed the button for one, just me up high at a reasonable price and was happy. 

The next morning I texted Shana my funny story. Her reply: 

 Well I bought you two for Christmas so there's that

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