Friday, May 16, 2014

Are we buggin' you?

Meet Millie and Unum, my year 2000 Millennium Bugs. Remember all the hoopla back then? The impending doom? The desperation to withdraw all your cash? Buy bottled water? Stock up on canned goods? All because the Y2K bug would bring down the system, crashing computers all over the world when the clock struck midnight New Year's Eve. Well, not much happened that night, but soon after I did get these little smiling gals on sale. Thirteen years later, after Millie lost her left antennae during a fall, I initiated a relocation from out in the sun to a safer, greener, more shady spot fit for a couple of teenagers. Millie and Unum are now becoming part of the house with vines and tree leaves twisting and curling around them,
 a la Angkor Wat,
where the trees almost gobbled up these two wild adventurers (Amy and Shana).

Maybe in a thousand years, when the trees have taken over my house, the bugs will be here, smiling still. 

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