Saturday, March 22, 2014


The bank texted this morning. My trusty USAA bank. We've been together since my old Navy Wife days. They asked, digitally, did you recently go to Barrio Queen? Yes, Thursday Happy Hour. ZTejas? Yes, Friday lunch. Grassroots? OK, OK, I can't cook, so, yes, after work on Wednesday. And the kicker, is there someone at a service station right now on your account buying something worth $109.23 and $53.24? Stuck at a Carpet Depot about to empty the business bank account, I had to think fast.  Saturday morning? Someone on my account at a service station spending $109.23 and $53.24? Yes. Yes, yes, yes. Sounds just like Shawn. Super premium fuel. Mixed especially for him. Throw in some barbecue and other goodies at the store. I pushed 1. Let the charge go through.

But then I got home. Shawn hadn't gone to the gas station today, after all. I called USAA and was told about the yahoo in Georgia trying to buy something on my dime. I just got hacked. Again. It's been a long few months. The warning letters from corporate America - Target. Neiman Marcus. Maricopa Community College. Things are scary out there. I bought an Xbox game for the Xbox guy back at Target in the fall. They even carded me to make sure I was over 21. I got a few holiday deals on my Neiman Marcus card, way down south at Arizona Mills mall and, stupid me, took an English class at SCC last year, but after reading all my warning letters and waiting, I seemed to get away with no harm done. From the big hackers. It's one little guy I need to worry about.

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