Sunday, November 10, 2013

Turnip the Beet!

 photo 1465414_1408739759363042_1605286497_n_zps43b580c7.jpg
 photo 1377342_1379111472325871_248503739_a_zps13074bed.jpg
Sunday Dinner
 photo rrr_zps8df6ee2d.jpg

Welcome and Cheers!
 photo ddd_zps77b68f5c.jpg
the appetizers
 photo vvv_zps4eb76de7.jpg
a mozzarella pulling lesson by a guy from Pizzeria Bianco
 photo moz_zps96942cb5.jpg

Then came the limbo contest, the main course, a big group hug and a cupcake.
 photo IMG_1598_zpsd9b5e1fe.jpg
We'll definitely be back!

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