Sunday, July 14, 2013

Plumbing Problems

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Day 20 of a 10 day remodel and I'm starting to wish I was one of those ladies with decorators and contractors and blank checks that snap their fingers and jet off to Europe for a month while all the nitty gritty takes place.

But since I've got more time than money at the moment, I'm doing a lot of the smile-n-nod. Done in 10 days? Uh huh. Here in an hour? Uh huh. Oops, extra hole in the wall? Whatever. 

Put off for as long as we could, the bathrooms were falling apart. Shana's shower stopped working. Our shower head fell over somehow and for months we had been squatting down, doing half backbends in order to rinse our hair. The hot water faucet in one sink didn't work. The cold in the other turned the wrong way. The tub faucet leaked.  It was time.

So, now we're showering outside while we wait for the tile guy, a la Gilligan's Island. Who knew this thing worked?
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I always wanted to be Mary Ann, all free and easy, shaking out my wet hair in the wild, hoping Mr. Howell (or the pool guy) didn't walk by at the wrong time. 
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(Just saw her last month in Love, Loss and What I Wore - she's just as cute as ever).

So, slowly, we're getting there. Out with the 80s ceramic tile and brass fixtures, in with the black slate on the floor to finally match the rest of the house, plus some awesome tumbled black marble found for a smokin' deal for the tub and countertop.
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Still dusty, dusty, dusty, but hopefully the last week of what was supposed to be a three hour cruise. A three hour cruise.

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